What is Electrocoat? 

Electrocoat (E-Coat) is a technology used worldwide to achieve high quality, low cost finishes at a level of efficiency and environmental compliance no other finishing method approaches. The performance advantages along with reduced finishing cost by using e-coating have made it a growing technology that will continue long into the future as new uses and technologies are developed. 

Advantages of Electrocoating: 

Better Utilization – film thickness is easy to control and is much less variable than other types of coating. 

Lower Labor Cost – due to enhanced efficiencies of the processes, there is less labor needed for touch-up personnel, paint mixers, strip tank operators, etc.. 

Lower Reject Rates – The number of rejects can be lowered due to the total coverage and uniform film thickness and control, as well as the ability to paint hard-to-reach areas with a single application. 

High Transfer Efficiency – The transfer efficiency for e-coating is nearing the 100% mark, due to recycling of the paint particles. 

Total Coverage – compared to most painting processes, E-coat paint offers superior paint coverage even in the most difficult areas of the products. No other coating system can offer the corrosion protection of E-coat as a result of its ability to offer total coverage. 

Lower Material Cost – E-coating is the most efficient paint technology available. With extremely high transfer efficiency, there is very little waste of most materials. 

High Productivity – E-Coating allows for dense part racking, while still achieving an even film build. 

Our Electrocoating (E-Coating) production line, pre-treat, paint and curing processes were all designed to enable us to meet even the toughest testing specifications including >1,000 hours salt spray corrosion tests.