Flocking (Fiber Coating)

What is Flocking? 

Flocking is the application of fine particles to adhesive coated surfaces. The majority of flocking done world wide uses finely cut natural or synthetics fibers. A flocked finish imparts decorative and functional characteristics to the surface. Flocking imparts a surface effect that is unlike the normal surface of the substrate to which it is applied. This deluxe finish can create: 

  • A soft velvety surface on a hard molded plastic 
  • A non-scarring surface on metals 
  • A highly abrasive smooth surface 
  • A luxurious look and feel 
  • A preferred method for squeak and rattle prevention 

Can Flock take abuse? 

Many flocked products are designed to meet a wide variety of high strength, high abrasion and touch durability specifications. These specifications are met by combining the correct substrate, adhesive, fiber and flocking method. Flocked products are designed to withstand heavy daily use. Typical uses for flocked products in the automotive industry are flocked: Glove Boxes, Console Bins, Coin Trays, Window Extrusions and other various components. The primary reasons for flocking: 

  • Superior Decorative and Visual Appeal 
  • Friction Characteristics to prevent squeaks and rattles. 
  • Sound Dampening – Noise Reduction 
  • Heat Insulation and Thermal Stability 
  • Increasing Surface Area for Evaporation and Filtration 
  • Cushioning and Protection 

Typical Flocking Process

Typical Automotive
Flocked Components